Displacement type level transmitter Model.SDT-420


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Displacement type level transmitter Model.SDT-420


This product is one of the most advanced level instruments based on displacer device. The buoyancy principle has been well known for many decades as its high reliability and stability.

This product can be applied in most of level measurement application including following fields: HP, HP, IP Feed-water Heater / Condensate Drums / Industrial Boilers / Receiver Tanks / Hot Well / Separators / Storage Vessels / Heavy Acids.

<<Features of SDT-420>>

. Possible to communicate with HART or SIEMENS PDM.

. Measurement range : 300~5000mm

. Process temperature : Wetted parts -40 ~ 450Deg.C

. Process pressure : 200kgf/cm2

. Output signal : 2-Wire type 4~20mA, HART, LCD

. Range of specific gravity : 0.5~1.5

. Accuracy : +/- 0.5% of the Full Scale(Option:+/-0.25% F.S)

. Possible to actuate general functions by means of using remote keypad on site

. Installation the continuity of process and self-diagnosis function

. Displaying with the units of %, mm, inch, mA, ℃, and other physical units on site.

. Possible to compensate on site by inputting the conventional values of density, temperature, and of measurement distant of process, without acquiring the real value in site.

. Designed to ASME B31.1

. Weather Proof / Flame Proof

. Weld procedures approved to KEPIC MQ and ASME IX

. Material certification to ASTM, ASME, JIS, KS Standards

. Qualified to IEEE323-2003 and IEEE344-2004