Daisung Green Tech

Daisung Green Tech(DGT) is engaged in providing water environment services, which include wastewater treatment, sewage water treatment, landfill leachate treatment and greywater reuse. DGT was founded 1987. For 30 years, DGT has been continuously developing technology in the field of environment and introducing more advanced environmental technology to prevent environmental pollution.   1986 Started a business 2003 Environment engineer award from Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute 2006 Presidential commendation award on science technology 2012 Certified to environmental management system (ISO 14001) 2012 Certified to quality management system (ISO 9001)


DS-BB is the ideal filter medium for new wastewater treatment plants as well as for renovation of existing installations. Compared to traditional activated sludge treatment plants, the application of the DS-BB elements

could increase the efficiency by up to 4 times. Therefore, in most cases the installation costs are reduced significantly.

The DS-BB elements, developed by DGT, are well-tested products that have proved to be very efficient in the bacteriological treatment of domestic sewage, industrial waste water and landfill leachate.