Exhibit Profile

1. Water and sewage treatment:

– Sedimentation, separator systems

– Rakes, screens, filters

– Sewage treatment plants

– Membrane and filtering equipment

– Sea water desalination

– Evaporation and crystallization

– Softening and demineralization

– Dosing and disinfection

– Oil-water separation and air-flotation equipment

– Aeration, aerobic and anaerobic installations

– Chemical water treatment

– Water treatment materials and fittings

– Treatment of sludge and residues

– Sludge draining and consolidation

– Sludge drying and incineration

– Sludge utilization

– Heat recovery from waste water

– Water extraction and utilization

– Other related technologies

2. Refuse management and recycling:

– Refuse collection and transport

– Refuse containers. provision

– Equipment for refuse collection and transportation facilities

– Vehicles. superstructures

– Sanitary toilets and excrement collection Refuse treatment

– Screeners. sorters and crusher machines

– Mixers and driers

– Compactors and packing

– Hopper, conveyor and metering equipment

– Incineration and heat treatment

– Biological treatment, composting

– Landfills and waste leachate treatment

– Landfill site construction and rehabilitation

– Scrapped automobile dismantling

– Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste

– Animal carcass destruction

– Mulching film recycling and utilization

– General purpose equipment, devices and accessories

– Occupational safety and accident prevention

3. Soil and groundwater remediation

– Soil remediation technology and equipment

– Soil testing and analysis

– Process monitoring and services of soil remediation

– Soil remediation functional materials

– Design and construction of soil remediation treatment and rehabilitation

– Soils investigation and risk assessment

– Agricultural Amelioration

– Treatment of contaminated groundwater








4. Water distribution and sewers:

– Water supply and smart water treatment

– Pumps, lifting systems

– Pipes, pipelines

– Valves, fittings

– Shafts, special structures, techniques

– Sewer inspection and cleaning

– Construction, operation and rehabilitation of water pipelines

– Swimming pool and waterscape fountain equipment

5. Generating energy from waste materials:

– Biogas plants – fermentation, components

– Utilization of landfill gas

– Substrate processing. transport and feed systems

– Gas transport and treatment

– Gas utilization

– Treatment of fermentation waste materials

– Biomass logistics

6. Street cleaning and maintenance equipment:

– Street-sweeping vehicles

– Street-washing vehicles

– Sprinkler vehicles

– Industrial sweepers

– Gully cleaning equipment

– Miscellaneous street cleaning equipment

7. Technology and equipment for industrial waste gas recyding, control and treatment:

– Waste gas control and treatment equipment

– Deodorization equipment and system

– Waste gas recycling equipment and technology

– Consulting / Engineering

8. Technology and equipment for industrial fumes, dust control and removal:

– Desulfurization and Denitrification

– Dust removal technology and equipment

– Ultra-low emission technology for coal-fired power plants and boilers

– Other related products and equipment

9. Air purification and cleaning: 

– Indoor Air purification and Fresh Air

– Construction of clean plant

– Oil vapor recovery equipment and purification

– Pollution control of mobile source (vehicle / ship)

10. Waterbodies protection (rivers, lakes, groundwater):

– Research Institutes / Universities

– Education and Traning

– Media

11. Environmental Monitoring and Measuring Measuring technology:

– Analysis and laboratory technology

– Control technology