FXG-DR1012WGB / 1417WGB ; 1075 SCARPRO


SENTINEL™ASIA, based at the HOJIN Industrial Co., Ltd. facility in Seoul, Korea and QSA Global, Inc. facility in Burlington, MA., has a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and safety. We are Non Destructive Testing specialists committed to exceeding the expectations of NDT professionals who demand outstanding value for their money by providing them with the very best equipment and supplies. We offer a comprehensive range of NDT equipment and accessories, including gamma radiography projectors, x-ray equipment, liquid penetrant and magnetic particle inspection materials. SENTINEL™ offers a wide variety of non destructive testing products, including: safety equipment, training courses and services. In addition to equipment, SENTINEL™ produces a complete range of radiography sources (Iridium-192 (IR-192), Cobalt-60, Selenium-75 (SE-75) and Ytterbium-169) as well as source holders that are fully compatible with all leading maker of projector.   The SENTINEL™ Quality Management system is approved to ISO 9001 and US NRC Part 71 standards, and is matched by our commitment to provide our customers with exceptional products and service. Product inspection, routine maintenance and repairs are available on-site or from our worldwide network of SENTINEL™ distributors, to ensure our standards of Quality and Safety Assurance always apply.
  1. FXG-DR1012WGB / 1417WGB


FXG-DR1012W / 1417W are Flat panel X-ray, Gamma-ray Digital Radiography.

(1) 127μm, the smallest pixel size in the industry, gives high resolution images without compromising image quality

(2) Ultra-thin and light detector design increases portability and ease of carrying


  1. 1075 SCARPRO


SENTINELTM Model 1075 SCARPro source projector is used for industrial non-destructive

testing applications of gamma radiography with Selenium-75. SCARPro can be used as a category I or II exposure device. When used in SCAR mode (category I), the SCARPro allows radiography to be performed in congested work areas with a minimal distance to the controlled areas. When used as a traditional projector (category II), standard SENTINELTM source guide tubes and collimators allow the

Selenium-75 source to be used for axial, radial and panoramic exposures