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Kkalkkeumi House Co., Ltd.

Kkalkkeumi House develops & manufactures ‘CLnet’ which is the best advanced Dry Ice Cleaning System. As innovating present Dry Ice Cleaning System technology and improving the efficiency up to 30%, a surprisingly advanced technology can be accomplished. On the basis of our patent, ‘Square (polygon) Dry Ice Pellet Manufacturing Technology’, Kkalkkeumi House takes the lead in providing higher value service of eco-friendly Dry Ice Cleaning System.

Innovation for Dry Ice Cleaning System

Efficiency 30% UP – It’s a MIRACLE!!


Present shape of dry ice pellet is manufactured by circle. However, Kkalkkeumi makes matrix as injection module for producing square shape and the square pellet shows efficiency 30% higher. As the result of testing, on using present circle pellet, it costs $1.00 per 1 kg. But, in case of producing square shape, it costs $0.7 per 1 kg and is possible to get 30% cost reduction.


Through changing the pellet shape and preparing production system, the cleaning power by dry ice is improved and it has cost reduction effect. By this way, if signing a franchise agreement, competitive advantage is suggested to franchise members.